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Do you know a Cub making a positive impact on our community? We would love to hear about him/her! Email us at

Nov. -Katelyn


Our "Cub of the Month", Katelyn, has always been driven by creativity, the community and getting involved. Navigating through the changes the pandemic brought on all of us, the need for more at home hobbies, and the desire to help our community led to the start of @TheBeadGirls. The Bead Girls is an online jewelry store where you can customize bracelets and necklaces.  Each piece is made with love from The Bead Girls who are making the world a little brighter and a little happier one piece of jewelry at a time. A portion of all proceeds from the jewelry sales are donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank here in Charlotte. Katelyn recognized the support the food bank offers, which has helped kids her own age, and has felt honored to be able to support them back. At the end of August, The Bead Girls donated their first round of proceeds - a whopping $875!!! 


We are so proud of this talented Jaguar who is making a positive impact in our community at such a young age. Thank you Katelyn for being an inspiration to all of us - we're so proud to have you part of our St. Gabriel family. Click the link in our bio to purchase one of @TheBeadGirls' creations!

Oct. - Hazel


She has a big smile and an even larger heart. She is creative, smart and caring. She set out on a mission to design and create masks for people to wear during the pandemic. She has raised over $3,000 for the Levine Children's Hospital NICU as a result. She's only 7. 


Meet our "Cub of the Month" Hazel!  We are so proud of this talented Jaguar who has made such a positive impact at such a young age. Hazel is an inspiration to all of us and we couldn't be more proud to call her a student at St. Gabriel. Click the link in our bio to read the full story highlighting Hazel and her amazing story! 

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